We Know Someone

by Useless Beauty

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The summer of 2013 found Useless Beauty recording their second full-length CD entitled We Know Someone, inspired by the generosity of the many kind and talented people they’ve met along the way. The majority of the album was recorded live at The Fort Brooklyn by the late Jim Bentley (a beloved fixture of the city’s indie rock scene), co-mixed by Carlos Fonseca and mastered by Alex Saltz at APS Mastering in NYC (Vampire Weekend, The Stooges, R.E.M., Moby, Andrew W.K.). With the addition of two core musicians -- drummer/percussionist Rob Knopper and bassist Katie Lopez -- this album delves into Useless Beauty’s louder rock side and lets them loose to be more fun, energetic and danceable than ever before. From the Motown-on-speed intro on opening track “Race Into Your World”, to the funky drum-and-bass exchange in “Praying Kind”, to the playful bounce of “Hey Bob” (inspired by a dream of a visit from an angel who looked like Bob Dylan), to the epic, heart-wrenching ballad “Not Love”, there is no doubt that Useless Beauty continues to evolve and grow in new and exciting ways.


released March 11, 2014

We know someone by Useless Beauty

Katie Boone: Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Tambourine
Nam Choi : Piano, MIDI, Backing Vocals
Carlos Fonseca: Electric Guitar
Rob Knopper: Drums, Cajón, Marimba, Tambourine, Shaker, Backing Vocals
Katie López: Electric Bass
Dave de Vinck: Acoustic Guitar, Trumpet, Backing Vocals

Recorded at
The Fort Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY) with Jim Bentley
Sound Clash Recordings (NYC)
Sonic Arts Center (CUNY) with Carlos Fonseca
Chez Nam
Chez Rob

Mixed at
Sonic Arts Center at CUNY with Carlos Fonseca

Mastered by
Alex Saltz at APS Mastering

Album cover suit model: Dave de Vinck
Photographs by Useless Beauty

All songs written by Useless Beauty ©2014

Dedicated to all the “someone”s we’ve met along the way who have become our supporters, collaborators and friends.

In Memory of Jim Bentley



all rights reserved


Useless Beauty New York

Their music has been called everything from “quirky” “refreshing” and “cute”, to “complicated” “unexpected” and “inappropriate for children” -- and their influences range from pop/rock to folk to classical, down south to Brazil and up north to Ireland and Iceland. ... more

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Track Name: Race Into Your World
You are like a moving tree full of wild birds
Free to stay or fly away
Unsafe and careless you will do what you will
My blood starts pumping into your thumping
Never draining the fuel in my veins
I start running before I realize

I race into your world
Where a new tribe is springing up
With so many possibilities
I’ll see the beauty of the things that I must do
Intoxicated with all the things that are meant to be

Everything moving so naturally whether they glide or fall

You are free to stick to the ground or fly away
facing blazing Sun without danger
All the noises turn into music
I will immerse in your thoughts
Frozen heart so full of cracks
Suddenly starts to pound
I’ll finally understand the why of stupid troubles
or I just don’t care once I can see the real thing


Then I will understand the eternity frozen in the moment

Let me see the bright side of dark
Let me see the sign without a mark
the intricate operation behind the obvious
the sound and sight that my brain filters out

Track Name: Praying Kind
Your words are sharp as a knife
What can I say when you are always right?
Silently I will bleed
No one will notice the appalling sight

If I were a praying kind I’d do it

Chose to live like a last night on earth
But life can be long with no near danger
You had to have a better plan
And worry about tomorrow like everyone else

If I were a praying kind I’d do it

Expectations were too high
And the hype was way too loud
I’ve never asked for it
But you just could not help
gushing about the apple of your eyes

When I fall I’ll make sure it’s out of sight
If I were a praying kind I’d do it

Waiting for decision
Waiting for your final words

Can I have some influence?
Is that me or is that you who’s in charge?
Dare to be happy when nothing is certain
One misstep will send you spiraling down

If I were a praying kind I’d do it

Yes I have known way too much
To refuse the obvious pick

Looking for the bigger challenge
Looking for the bigger chunk to bite
Then I saw the cost of dreaming

But seriously how could smart ones be so blind?
If I were a praying kind I’d do it
Track Name: Hey Bob
Hey Bob very nice to meet you
We could be friends if you have little time to stay
Hey Bob I’m glad you finally came
It will be great if you let me hold you little while

You are not afraid of peek into my blanket
You know I need your hand
I can feel your skin scratchy under my thumb
You will drag me out of sadness

I let you pull me out
You check my night face
Your eyes tell me I’m alright
So you are ready to leave

But I hold onto you
Like a child clinging to her favorite parent
I don’t know what will come after this
But let me hold you sweet sweet like this
I hold onto you
Like a child clinging to her favorite parent
I don’t know what will come after this
But let me hold you sweet sweet like this

I mumble just for five more minutes
If you can stay
Let me hold you just for five more minute
Still still like this

Before you put your wool hat on top of baseball cap
Before I have to consider about too many things

Hey Bob very nice to meet you
We could be friends if you have little time to stay
Hey Bob I’m glad you finally came
It will be great if you let me hold you little while

Guess what is on my mind
I will reward you with kisses
I could walk with you around
Holding your hand like friends

If an angel could have any face
He could be sweet and short
With scratch skin wearing wool hat On top of baseball cap

Thanks for your visit Come back anytime soon
Track Name: Contradiction
Eyes to see reality
Courage to not deny it
Faith to see beyond what I see
And not lose my mind
Only this much I can reach
Only this much they can give me I dared for more
Am I too greedy?
How much is too much?

Only find the freedom in the prison
Only see the daylight in the darkness
Only get the life in the death
Only look upward when you are down
Only have it when you can lose it
Only do it when you undo
Track Name: Out in the Sun
Out in the Sun you feel better
You feel better
Out in the Sun

What a long long winter you had
What a cold cold darkness you had
You thought what you see now is what you are gonna get
You long for sunshine but you can’t find it anywhere

But look out
Sun is coming out
Sun is coming out brighter than ever (x3)

The long long winter is finally over
The long long winter is finally gone (x2)

Dying always can wait
Dying always can wait
You can die always tomorrow
But out in the Sun you will feel better

Out in the Sun you will feel better (x3)
Track Name: She Understands
You call her the best woman
Because she stays to suffer in silence
Instead of walking away as she should
But you stray as you might
Your soft heart doesn’t notice her sigh

Her kindness and beauty weren’t enough to hold you here
When you rather be feared instead of being loved
Your boldness and lies weren’t enough to get you there
No one looks up when you are standing on the top

She understands, she understands
But will you ever change?
Can you ever change? (x2)

When you aim high but fall flat
When your sweet words melt under the Sun
When you leave her to go astray
When you know it’s wrong but do it anyway
When your truth matters the least
When you think all you do is right
When you keep your heart unbroken
When you can’t love no one else but yourself

She understands (repeat)
Track Name: Not Love
I am not patient and I’m not kind
But I give myself to you
Give myself to you

I’ll learn the language of angel and human
If only you can understand me
I’ll move the mountain
When my faith is smaller than seed
I’ll give myself to you
Give myself to you

This is not love it’s just nothing at all
But I don’t care what you name it
I am here anyway

I cannot boast what I have done
When I’m too selfish to care
And the truth is too cruel
I cannot be glad for it
I rather have my way If I can help it

Track Name: Jammies King
When we were kings
When the Sun was bright and warm
Bruises were soon forgotten
Whatever you did was right
Whatever you didn’t like was wrong

You got a superpower
Makes you walk alright
Wearing huge shoes
Left foot on the right shoe
Right one on the left shoe

We’ll conquer the world in jammies
We will make the the bad guys surrender
With our mockery rhymes
We’ll conquer the time in jammies
We’ll melt down frozen bodies
And make them live again

Anything could be fixed
Once the time was on your side
Little doll limbs will grow back
Will grow back like a starfish
Track Name: Painless Child
You are bleeding so bad
But you don’t even blink
I try to mend you
But you don’t know
Why I’m trying to hard

I thought I could save you
I thought I could bring you relief
But you ache without knowing
Shunning my hands away

And I know too much to ignore the sight
I’m the one in pain
Though you are the one who’s injured

Love, I should give you love
But how long I can stand When you just don’t stop?
All you expect from me
Ever silent and light
Fit inside your palm

I see all the wasted chances
What can I ask though
When you just can’t stop
Being what you’ve always been?

You are my dear painless child
You were here before me
But you still remain the same
Wish I could say
that love will suffice